Question: How many single men are in Nashville?

How many men are in Nashville?

Population in households in NashvilleTotal Population:575,429Male Population:276,661Under 5 years:22,0845 to 9 years:18,13510 to 14 years:16,51446 more rows

Is Nashville a good city for singles?

Nashville may be known for being home to the country music scene, but is it a place where you can enjoy life when youre single or as a young professional? Absolutely! Many young people are attracted to Nashvilles rich culture, thriving local economy, and prestigious colleges and universities.

What is the guy to girl ratio in Nashville?

The average U.S. city is 50.8 percent female, 49.2 percent male. (Nashville is 51.5 percent female.)

What percent of Nashville is black?

27.58% According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Nashville was: White: 63.49% Black or African American: 27.58%

Where do singles live in Nashville?

Best Neighborhoods in Nashville for Singles & Young ProfessionalsDowntown.Germantown.The Gulch.Midtown.Music Row.12 Apr 2019

What is the blackest city in Tennessee?

Memphis The majority-black city of Memphis is home to over four hundred thousand African Americans, making it one of the largest population centers. At least eight other municipalities have African American majorities: Bolivar, Brownsville, Gallaway, Gates, Henning, Mason, Stanton, Whiteville.

Is downtown Nashville Safe 2020?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. In order to remain safe in Nashville, tourists will need to keep in mind many things related to staying safe while traveling. Generally, the city has instances of criminal acts both in public places and in the means of transport, but vigilant tourists usually remain trouble-free.

What is the richest part of Nashville?

These Are The 10 Richest Neighborhoods In NashvilleGranny White.Sheffield On The Harpeth.Poplar Creek Estates.South Hampton.Brandywine Farms.Edmondson-Cloverland.Baxter Road.Hillwood Estates.More items •18 Apr 2017

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