Question: What is a friend crush?

A friend crush is someone you would *love* to get to know better, but have yet to find a way to make it happen. The feeling of admiration you have for this person is almost comparable to that of a crush, just without the romantic infatuation.

What do you do when you like your friends crush?

Here are eight ways to handle having a crush on the same person as your friend.Acknowledge your feelings. Try bringing up the situation with your friend in an open discussion. Avoid brushing off your feelings or their feelings. Dont ask for permission to pursue a crush and avoid calling dibs on someone.More items •29 Jan 2019

What is the difference between a friend and a crush?

A crush is someone whose messages excite you; a friend is someone whose messages cheer you up. 8. A crush is someone you want to talk about interesting topics with; a friend is someone you can chat with about anything–and it is still interesting.

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