Question: What is a Capricorn mans weakness?

What is a Capricorn mans weakness? Though Capricorn men have many great traits, their biggest weakness is their inability to be vulnerable and express their emotions. These men tend to keep all their feelings bottled up, all in an effort to protect themselves.

What is a Capricorn biggest weakness?

Capricorns biggest weakness is that she is too negative. She always sees the cup as half empty. Even when things arent going too badly, there will always be something that makes Capricorn dissatisfied and she will focus on this ONE thing.

Is Capricorn weak or strong?

Many under the Capricorn zodiac sign tend to be very good with numbers and have the innate ability to analyze both situations and people. Never the one to be loud and obnoxious, they do tend to be the strong silent types and are oftentimes the muscle behind many plans and decisions.

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