Question: When you marry someone does their debt become yours?

In common law states, debt taken on after marriage is usually treated as being separate and belonging only to the spouse who incurred them. The exception are those debts that are in the spouses name only but benefit both partners.

Can I be held liable for my spouses debts?

Generally, one is only liable for their spouses debts if the obligation is in both names. But, unlike a common law state, in community property states all debts incurred by either spouse during the marriage are shared equally, regardless of whose name is on the account.

What happens if you marry someone with bad credit?

Marrying a person with a bad credit history wont affect your own credit record. You and your spouse will continue to have separate credit reports after you marry. However, any debts you take on jointly will be reported on both your and your spouses credit reports.

Does your new spouses debt become yours?

In community property states, you are not responsible for most of your spouses debt incurred before marriage. However, the IRS says debt taken on by either spouse after the wedding is automatically a shared debt. Creditors can go after a couples joint assets to pay an individuals debt.

Should you marry someone who has debt?

When deciding whether to pop the question ― or agree to a proposal ― its important to consider how debt can alter the relationship. From a legal standpoint, bringing debt into a marriage doesnt mean the other spouse becomes liable for it. That remains the responsibility of the person who accumulated it.

Does your spouses credit score affect yours?

Highlights: Getting married and changing your name wont affect your credit reports, credit history or credit scores. One spouses poor credit wont impact the other spouse -- unless you jointly apply for a loan or open a joint account.

What happens to my husbands debts when he died?

When someone dies, debts they leave are paid out of their estate (money and property they leave behind). Youre only responsible for their debts if you had a joint loan or agreement or provided a loan guarantee - you arent automatically responsible for a husbands, wifes or civil partners debts.

Can you escape debt by changing your name?

Legally, you can change your name at any time using deed poll, however changing your name to try and avoid paying any debt or escape a poor credit rating can lead you into legal difficulties with fairly serious implications.

Can I change my name if I have debt?

You may change your name at any time. You do not need to worry about the outstanding debt. You will still owe the debt no matter what name you go by. Imagine if you got married and took your spouses last name.

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