Question: Why men Pull Away in early stages of dating?

The Big Reason That Men Pull Away In The Early Stages After a few dates, he starts to feel the connection getting intense and emotional. When that happens, he will pull back to get the space he needs to reset and assess. Hes then able to think more clearly about how he feels about you, and the relationship.

Do men pull away when they start to like you?

Why do guys pull away when they like you? Guys pull away when they like you because they are afraid to get hurt. Its a defense mechanism that keeps them safe and makes sure they dont end up getting in too deep, possibly rejected, or heartbroken.

Why do men pull away when they seem going well?

Another reason why men pull away: control. He wants to know that he has all of you (because hes so insecure and is most likely, working out childhood trauma that we all have) but cant give you all of him (because he knows that hed have to commit and do things that are not within his emotional range).

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