Question: How tall is the average Danish man?

What is the average height of a Danish man?

5 feet 11.40 inches Denmark — 174.29cm (5 feet 8.61 inches) The average Danish man is 181.38cm (5 feet 11.40 inches) tall. The average Danish woman is 167.21cm (5 feet 5.83 inches) tall.

How tall is the average Dutch person?

5 ft. 11 in Average Height By Country 2021CountryAverage Male Height (cm)Average Male Height (in)Netherlands180.85 ft. 11 in.Denmark180.45 ft. 11 in.Croatia180.45 ft. 11 in.Czech Republic180.315 ft. 11 in.63 more rows

How tall is the average Dutch man in feet?

The average height of men in The Netherlands is 183,8 cm (6′ 0,4″), making them the tallest in the world. There is not much variation in length between men in The Netherlands. More than 40% of the Dutch men have a height that deviates less than 5 cm from the average height.

Where do the tallest humans live?

The Netherlands is renowned for its tall population and unsurprisingly the nation has the tallest average height on Earth. The average 19-year-old man stands at 183 cm, while women of the same age are typically 172 cm.

Why are people taller in Denmark?

The study of height, known as Auxology, tells us the primary reason for a person to be tall, is genetics. Studies have shown that Danes, in particular, have been gaining height at a rapid rate over the last century.

Are Danish Guys tall?

Danes are worlds third tallest people, and they are getting even taller. The average height of 18-year-old Danish men today is 181.4 cm, or just slightly more than six feet tall. Danish women of the same age stand at 167.2 cm, or about 55″. In first place are Dutch men (182.5 cm) and Latvian women (169.8 cm.).

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