Question: Where can I find dates in India?

Where are dates found in India?

Date palm in India occurs in the western border, especially in the Kutchh district of Gujarat with about 18286 ha. with a production of 171522 MT of fresh fruits. It was at initial stage in 2014. Among Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala and other states Gujarat is the top producer.

Where is the best place to buy dates in India?

Happilo. Happilo is a leading dry fruits brand in India. Rostaa. The 2nd name on our list of best Dates brands in India is Rostaa. Lion Dates. The next name on our list is Lion Dates. Amazon Brand - Solimo Dates. If you are buying dates online from Amazon then Solimi is a good choice. DiSano. Ziofit. Medjool Plus. Flyberry.More items

What is the price of dates in India?

Kimia Dates (1 kg)M.R.P.:₹550.00Price:₹326.00 (₹32.60 / 100 g)You Save:₹224.00 (41%)Inclusive of all taxes

Where can we find dates?

Youll probably want to start in the aisle with the dried fruits and nuts. This could be the snack area, but it could also be a separate aisle. If you dont see dates with the dried fruits, look in the produce area. Many times, grocery stores put dried dates in displays around the fruit aisles.

Which fruit is known as Indian dates?

Phoenix sylvestris (sylvestris - Latin, of the forest) also known as silver date palm, Indian date, sugar date palm or wild date palm, is a species of flowering plant in the palm family native to southern Pakistan, most of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Which country has best dates?

Dates Production - Source FAO#38 Countries1#1 EgyptView data2#2 Saudi ArabiaView data3#3 IranView data4#4 AlgeriaView data34 more rows

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