Question: Where does Paddy McGuiness live now?

How old is Paddy Mcguinness?

48 years (August 14, 1973) Paddy McGuinness/Age

What are Paddy McGuinness children called?

Felicity Rose McGuinness Penelope Patricia McGuinness Leo Joseph McGuinness Paddy McGuinness/Children

Who is Paddy McGuinness wife?

Christine Martinm. 2011 Paddy McGuinness/Wife He married Christine Martin on 4 June 2011. The couple have three children; twins Penelope and Leo (b. 2013) and Felicity (b. 2016).

What does Paddy McGuiness present?

sports quiz A Question Of Sport Olympic Gold medal winning hockey player Sam Quek and England and Lions rugby star Ugo Monye also announced as team Captains. The BBC has today confirmed that TV presenter Paddy McGuinness will be the new host of BBC Ones long-running sports quiz A Question Of Sport.

Why does Paddy McGuinness wife not drink?

Christine McGuinness, who is teetotal, has admitted her mind has wandered to alcohol amid the pressures of the coronavirus lockdown. The model, who is married to Take Me Out star Paddy, hasnt touched a drop of booze for more than 12 years but has found it on her mind.

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