Question: Did Twilight cast get along?

Stephenie Meyer confirmed that there were zero issues between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. That was it, and it was a pretty easy shoot.” In fact, the Twilight author shared that the only issue on the day of the rumored fight was that Stewart was incredibly ill.

Did the actors in Twilight get along?

Nikki Reed has admitted the Twilight Saga cast dont all get along.

Does the Twilight cast talk to each other?

“On the Twilight sets, towards the end, I found that people didnt really talk to us anymore, which was weird,” Stewart shared. “It was like they possibly were even told: Hey, leave them alone. If you dont have a reason to talk to them, dont just go up to them.

Did Twilight ruin careers?

Not only does the Twilight Saga appear to have ruined the career of Kellan Lutz, this is an actor who almost didnt make it to the end of the franchise. According to Entertainment Weekly, Kellan Lutz came close to being cut from the final installment of the Twilight Saga because of his outrageous salary demands.

How old was Edward Cullen when he became a vampire?

age 17 Edward Cullen, born as Edward Anthony Masen, Jr. is a founding member of the Olympic coven and the Edward was born on June 20th1901, in Chicago, Illinois an was turned into a vampire at age 17, in September 1918, just before he was about to die of Spanish Influenza.

Why did they stop Twilight?

Meyer ultimately decided not to make Forever Dawn the sequel to Twilight as it didnt “fall into the young adult genre” because she “wasnt thinking about her audience yet” and was just writing for her own amusement.

How much did the Twilight actors get paid?

Robert Pattinson Net Worth As mentioned above, he and Stewart earned $2 million for “Twilight” and eventually earned $12.5 million for each “Breaking Dawn” film.

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