Question: Who plays Ambers mum in Dating Amber?

Sharon Horgan also shines as Eddies perceptive mum. A more subdued queer outing than the likes of Pride and Love, Simon, Dating Amber is a smart, relevant dramedy that neatly broaches the topic of small-town prejudice by spotlighting the self-doubt and fear of those outsiders who feel pressured to conform.

Where is Dating Amber based?

Ireland Plot. The film is set in 1995 in Ireland where two teenagers distraught over persistent homophobic abuse, outsiders Eddie and Amber decide to hide their sexuality from the rural Irish town in which they live by pretending to be a heterosexual couple.

Is dating Amber a book?

David Freyne always knew that casting was the key to success with his second feature. The delightful Dating Amber concerns two gay kids in 1990s Ireland who engineer a bogus romantic relationship to distract the circling bullies.

Is dating Amber on Amazon Prime?

Dating Amber arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, June 4.

Where can I watch dating Amber in Australia?

Watch Dating Amber on Netflix in Australia Watch Dating Amber!

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