Question: Why You Should Date a veterinarian?

Veterinarians work hard. They endure countless years of tough schooling, long hours at clinics, and unexpected middle-of-the-night calls. Date a veterinarian and youll be dating someone who saves lives, eases pain, and helps lives end with dignity.

Should you be a vet if you love animals?

Becoming a veterinarian might seem like the perfect way to pursue a career in medicine without having to interact with humans, but thats not really the case. “Your love of animals must be accompanied by an equal love of people,” says Dr.

Should you trust your vet?

If youve had a bad experience with a veterinarian in the past, dont let that stop you from getting necessary care for your pets. The majority of vets are honest, trustworthy, and competent. Many of them are great healers and compassionate animal advocates. Your pet cant find them on his own; that job is up to you.

Why do you love veterinary medicine?

Veterinary science helps humans through monitoring, prevention, and detection of zoonotic diseases. The fact that some people have devoted their human lives to the needs of another species that cannot say where it hurts is a clear sign of the unique motivating power of love when it comes to the career.

Can dogs get grass in their lungs?

They might be picked up on food they eat off the ground, when they lick their coats or whilst walking or running through long grass. They can also be inhaled through the mouth and get stuck in the lungs, causing the dog to cough or retch.

Is there a veterinarian Appreciation Day?

Something sweet is coming—June 18 is Veterinary Appreciation Day.

Can I just switch vets?

Many pet owners put off this decision, hoping something changes soon, but it rarely does. If your gut is screaming that you and your dog need a new vet, then its time to pull up your socks and get it done. Yes, switching veterinarians can be done painlessly and graciously.

Is cheatgrass bad for dogs?

The seeds can get stuck in pets fur, skin, eyes, nose, ears or mouth and have even been found in dogs lungs, she said. Dogs and cheatgrass dont mix. This stand of early grass will soon turn dry and produce thousands of barbed awns that infect pets and livestock.

Is it safe to put grass seed down with dogs?

Although tiny, they have the potential to cause real pain to your dog. The seeds have pointy ends and are very sharp so they easily become trapped in a dogs fur and can burrow down the coat to pierce the skin. Unfortunately, in rare cases, the grass seed can go under the skin and travel to other areas of the body.

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