Question: Where can I hang out in NYC?

Where is a good place to get high?

13 perfect places to be stoned this summerAn aquarium. Aquariums are cool, dark, and magically lit -- the halls taking on a blueish glow, thanks to the enormous tanks of fish, sharks, and other undersea creatures. A baseball game. Any art museum. An outdoor concert. The beach. Amusement Parks. A spa. The movies.More items •29 May 2019

Can you smoke on the Brooklyn Bridge?

As of May 23, 2011, Brooklyn Bridge Park is a smoke-free park, consistent with New York City law. On April 29, 2014, the Smoke-Free Air Act was expanded to include the use electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The law is intended to make parks healthier and cleaner places to visit.

How do you find a good smoke spot?

The higher you can get the better, both regarding smoking and physical location. When you are up high you can see your surroundings more efficiently and can tell in any narcs or other uncool people are coming. Top floors of parking garages, that old treehouse, or just at the top of a hill can be a perfect location.

Can you smoke on sidewalks in NYC?

Smoking is allowed on sidewalks outside parks, including sidewalks that form the perimeter of parks. For example, smoking will be allowed on the sidewalk on 5th Avenue outside Central Park. Smoking is permitted in the parking lots of all Parks properties.

Can u smoke in Central Park?

Smoking is not permitted in Central Park, including electronic cigarettes. See all smoking rules from NYC Parks.

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