Question: Is being high maintenance good?

Being high-maintenance, for me, is synonymous with being truly myself. Its efficient, too, because more often than not, I get what I want the first time around. Being high-maintenance can actually make you more chilled out in a lot of ways too.

Is being high maintenance a good thing?

A high maintenance woman is not only filled with self respect, but also confidence. Knowing what you want, what you deserve, and what youre going to get gives you the confidence to back your decisions and opinions without living to please others.

What does it mean if someone is high maintenance?

Gerri Hirshey. 2 of a person : tending to cause problems or demand attention : extremely sensitive, demanding, or temperamental Playing the victim gets you absolutely nowhere, and it only makes you seem tiring and high-maintenance to your boss. —

Is it bad to be a high maintenance girl?

Theres nothing very wrong with being a high maintenance woman. Its just the way shes used to living. What matters is whether you can afford this lifestyle. If you think you have the means to and you love this girl, your relationship should be seamless.

Why do people call me high maintenance?

If a guy says youre high maintenance it means they think you are not worth the effort they would be required to put in.

What does it mean when a girl is high maintenance?

When people describe boyfriends or girlfriends as high maintenance, what they mean is they have “higher than normal expectations, and therefore more difficult or challenging to deal with”.

Whats a high maintenance wife?

A high-maintenance wife or partner may expect their partner to support them financially and want material things. They will openly express their needs and desires and often have high expectations. A high-maintenance wife may spend a lot of time and money on self-care and personal maintenance.

Why is my wife so high maintenance?

If your partner is high maintenance, then she probably wants constant attention from you. This means she might take over your time and your schedule. Because she is so focused on herself, she most likely wont realize that you want and need a little space. This can put a big strain on your relationship.

Why You Should Date a bookworm?

Theyre Creative: Bookworms are exposed to all different kinds of ideas. They also have a few ideas spinning in their own heads. The more a bookworm exposes themselves to stories, the more creative ideas theyll have. You wont be having the same old dinner and a movie date with bookworms.

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