Question: What are ironstone dishes?

What Is Ironstone? Ironstone china is a glaze-covered earthenware that was first patented by Charles James Mason in 1813 and other manufacturers followed suit.

What is a ironstone plate?

Ironstone china, ironstone ware or most commonly just ironstone, is a type of vitreous pottery first made in the United Kingdom in the early 19th century. It was developed in the 19th century by potters in Staffordshire, England, as a cheaper, mass-produced alternative for porcelain.

What is ironstone made out of?

Ironstone is not porcelain; its porous earthenware, made of clay mixed with feldspar. Patented in 1813 by Charles James Mason in Staffordshire, England, it was an immediate success, and ironstone blanks were decorated with transfer patterns or hand painting to imitate Chinese porcelain. There is no iron in ironstone.

What colour goes best with Ironstone?

IRONSTONE® is such a brilliantly dynamic colour and you are right by thinking that the fascia colour should be complementary to that. Try a contrasting lighter tone such as EVENING HAZE®, SURFMIST® or PAPERBARK®. These tones will let the IRONSTONE® take charge.

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