Question: What is the safest area in Cape Town?

Cape Town suburbs #1: Atlantic seaboard Among the beaches at the bottom of Table Mountains imposing western side, you will encounter some of Cape Towns most desirable neighborhoods including Camps Bay, Bantry Bay, Clifton, Sea Point and Green Point.

What is the safest area to stay in Cape Town?

Clifton and Camps Bay are the safest areas in Cape Town. These two sister neighbourhoods are an amazing option for families that want to enjoy the beauty of Cape Town while staying safe. You can find flashy houses and mansions overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and, if youre lucky, one or the other celebrity.

What is the most dangerous suburb in Cape Town?

Nyanga Nyanga was one of the poorest places in Cape Town and is still is one of the most dangerous parts of Cape Town .Nyanga, Western Cape.NyangaProvinceWestern CapeMunicipalityCity of Cape TownMain PlaceCape TownArea22 more rows

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