Question: How many boyfriends did Phoebe Buffay have?

I went through and picked out all 31 of her men and ranked them from the worst to best, and I think you are going to agree with me when I say that Phoebe has some major skills in the art of picking up men. She might be able to give Joey a run for his money.

How many boyfriends did Phoebe have on friends?

Lisa Kudrows Phoebe Buffay and David Schwimmers Ross Gellar tied for second, with 16 partners each. Half of Schwimmers conquests turned into long-term relationships, while only 37.5 percent of Kudrows did.

How many guys did Phoebe sleep with on friends?

Phoebe had many one-episode boyfriends throughout the series run, and definitely had the most sexual relationships with characters played by famous actors. During the ten season run, Phoebe hooked up with characters played by Hank Azaria, Charlie Sheen, Michael Rapaport, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, and Paul Rudd.

Who did Phoebe date?

Phoebe & Mike is the romantic paring between Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan. It started in the season 9 episode, The One With The Pediatrician.

What happened to Phoebes boyfriend Jake?

Unfortunately, Jake never got an ending. Who even is Jake, you might ask? Jake was Phoebes boyfriend in season 7. He first appeared in episode 18 (The One With Joeys Award) where he kept looking over at Phoebe in Central Perk.

Which Friends did not kiss?

In the end, the only two Friends to have never shared an onscreen kiss — either in regular episodes or in fantasy sequences – were Monica and Phoebe, according to Factinate.

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