Question: Is a Throuple legal Canada?

A legal decision about polyamory is a bad omen for family life. Recently, for example, a Canadian judge ruled that all three adults in a polyamorous relationship should be registered legally as the parents of a two-year-old boy they are raising as a throuple.

Is it illegal to be a Throuple?

Polyamory and polygamy, which is illegal across the United States but is still in practice in some communities through spiritual unions, are vastly different.

Where is a Throuple marriage legal?

Three men in Colombia just became the countrys first legally recognised polyamorous family, in a partnership known as trieja.

Is it a crime to cheat on your spouse in Canada?

In Canada, you can commit adultery without actually having sex. Canada boasts the western worlds first and only, and still legally authoritative, court ruling* that artificial insemination constitutes adultery.

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