Question: Is Rachel a good girlfriend?

Why is Rachel so selfish?

She left Barry at altar. If she did not love him or did not want to spend her life with him, then she should have figured it out before their wedding day. Leaving a person like that makes her kind of selfish. After seeing Ross with Julie, she constantly behaved bad with Julie.

Is Rachel Green attractive?

Rachel may have been introduced as the pretty one, but it wasnt long before fans had decided she was way more than that. Rachel is absolutely beautiful, and despite knowing it, she pulls of girl-next-door charm perfectly.

Why do people hate Rachel?

She is jealous of Baam and wants everything he has. According to Rachel, Baam gets everything very easily. She pushed Baam out of the bubble, because she wants to climb higher, wants to see the stars. Her reason is good, but is it ok to push people.

Why are Ross and Rachel the worst couple?

Rosss inappropriate behavior was the reason Rachel wanted a break, in the first place, and he didnt waste any time jumping into someone elses bed. If Ross really loved Rachel, he would have respected her commitment to her career and wouldnt have considered being with anyone else.

Is Rachel jealous of Monica?

6 SHE WAS JEALOUS WHEN MONICA AND CHANDLER BECAME ENGAGED Additionally, Monica was always there for Rachel when she needed her. However, she cant even let Monica have the spotlight for one night. Rachels jealous about Monica and Chandlers big news. Shes not happy that her friend found love.

Who was the hottest Friends character?

The Official Hottest Character on Friends PollRachel (37) 30.08%Monica (30) 24.39%Phoebe (16) 13.01%Joey (11) 8.94%Chandler (23) 18.7%Ross (6) 4.88%

Why did Monica hate Rachel?

Sure, we know that Monica also has an obligation to Ross. However, Monica is Rachels bestie, and Monica knew that Rachel was absolutely devastated over Ross and Julies relationship. We felt bad for Rachel, since she felt like she was losing her bestie to the woman who stole her man.

What is wrong with Rachel The Devils Arithmetic?

What is wrong with Rachel The Devils Arithmetic? Rachel dies during transport on the train because she could not breathe due to asthma. While traveling in the train was difficult for most of them, Rachels death demonstrates how quickly anyone with health limitations could die.

Who was the worst character on Friends?

Pretty much every Friends fan completely adored the eccentric Phoebe Buffay. However, her twin sister Ursula Buffay was a different story. Ursula was — well — the worst.

Who was the prettiest on Friends?

Rachel is by far seen as the most attractive of the Friends (50%), and also the most popular choice for someone to go on a date with, at 21%. (The disparity between the two numbers is because women acknowledge Rachel is attractive, but would prefer to date one of the male characters).

Who is the most loved character in Friends?

Chandler Bing Chandler Bing His transformation from commitment-phobe to Monicas loving husband was one of the best character arcs on the show. His relationship with Joey also basically invented the word bromance so it makes sense that Chandler is the most popular character of all time.

Why is Rachel the worst Friends character?

1 She Cant Be Independent In the finale of Friends, Rachel gets off her plane to France to go back to Ross. She got off the plane. Its romantic at the moment but it ruins all the growth Rachel went through over ten seasons. She went from a waitress to making it big in her chosen industry.

What does Shmuel look like in The Devils Arithmetic?

Shmuels physical appearance in The Devils Arithmetic is of a big, bearded man. Chayas uncle may smell of sweat, grass, and horses, but his joy is contagious, and Chaya gives him a hug.

Who is Rachel in The Devils Arithmetic?

Rachel is the most outgoing of the three; it is she who runs up and introduces the others to Hannah, and proclaims herself the newcomers best friend. Rachel has great green eyes, and has an unusual breathiness to her voice.

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