Question: Why do I need a landing page if I have a website?

Landing pages can give insight into which visitors are the most engaged with your website. Having landing pages will allow you to capture leads, but, when correctly set up, they will also let you watch those existing leads behavior online and determine how they interact with your business.

Do I need a landing page and a website?

A landing page can be part of a website, but you also dont need a website to have a landing page. Landing pages always include a sign up form to collect subscriber information, such as email addresses, names, interests, location, and more.

What is the purpose of a landing page on a website?

A landing page is a follow up to any promises that youve made in your content. Essentially, its the next step toward a visitor becoming a customer. Your landing page lets you make a trade, some sort of special offer, piece of information or a deal, in return for providing contact information.

When should you use a landing page?

Landing pages are ideal for merchants and ecommerce marketers who have more than one SKU on the go. Even when theyve only got a single product offering, there might be multiple contexts better represented on separate pages.

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