Question: What is the racial makeup of Namibia?

Africans are of diverse ethnic origins. The principal groups are the Ovambo, Kavango, Herero/Himba, Damara, mixed race (Colored and Rehoboth Baster), white (Afrikaner, German, and Portuguese), Nama, Caprivian (Lozi), Bushman, and Tswana. The Ovambo make up about half of Namibias people.

What type of people live in Namibia?

Namibia Demographics The largest ethnic group is the Ovambo (49.8%), who live mostly in the north of the country and in towns throughout Namibia. Other ethnic groups include Kavango (9.3%), Damara (7.5%), Herero (7.5%), white (6.4%), Nama (4.8%) Caprivian (3.7%), San (2.9%), and Basters (2.5%).

How many races are there in Namibia?

Namibias population can be divided into (at least) 11 ethnic groups, the biggest group of which is the Owambo people. As a country Namibia is still trying to find a national identity, but each of the countries cultural groups has its own a rich heritage and traditions.

Which tribe has the highest population in Namibia?

Tribes And Ethnic Groups Of NamibiaRankTribe or EthnicityShare of Namibian Population1Ovambo50%2Kavango9%3White Namibian7%4Herero7%6 more rows•Jul 18, 2019

Can you drink water in Namibia?

Can I drink the tap water in Namibia? Tap water is purified in hotels, lodges and other public places so is safe to drink. If you are worried about drinking the tap water, bottled water is available to purchase throughout Namibia.

Is Namibia a good place to live?

A safe place While no country in the world can claim to be free of crime, Namibia ranks as one of the safest and most politically stable nations in Africa. This may have something to do with its relatively small population size, or the good governance the country has enjoyed over the past years.

How cold does it get in Namibia?

In desert areas, it can be freezing. Daytime temperatures are still pleasant around 20-24°C/68-75°F. July & August – The average maximum temperature is 21-25°C/70-77°F. The average minimum temperature is around 7°C/45°F but can fall to below freezing at night in the deserts and higher areas.

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