Question: Is mature dating site safe?

Avoid at all cost. Avoid at all cost.. I signed up for a 3 day account and just noticed that Ive had random payments come out every couple of days from my bank account from other dating sites, linked to these people. This site is currently being investigated by the fraud squad with my bank.

Is mature dating a legitimate site?

Mature Singles Only is legit in that they really will either connect you with a local matchmaking service or refer you to a dating site. But theyre making money by selling your information.

How much does mature quality singles cost?

How much does Mature Singles Only cost? MatureSinglesOnly offers a large number of membership options with varying degrees of functionality. A 6-month Value subscription costs $83.94, or $13.99 a month, while a 6-month standard membership costs $11.99 per month for a total of $71.94.

What is real mature singles dating site?

Luckily, Date My Age is a website created for mature singles and above looking to find a new chance at love. On this website, youll come across many people, but most users are in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. The fun and exciting part of online dating is the main reason why so many people try it out.

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