Question: Did anyone from PLL dating in real life?

Fans thought her romance with Tyler Blackburn was real In addition to wanting their characters together, fans began to see that Benson and Blackburn were close in real life, as evidenced by their social media posts. So did they really date? Nope. “We never officially dated,” Blackburn told Playboy earlier this year.

Is Spencer and Toby dating in real life?

I hate to break it to all those die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans hoping Spencer and Toby are dating in real life, but its not going to happen. First of all, its been known for a while now that Troian Bellisario is engaged to Patrick J. Adams, so, yeah, Spoby isnt a real-life thing.

Who dated in the Pretty Little Liars cast?

Aria Montgomery: Ezra Fitz (Married), Noel Kahn (Dated), Jason DiLaurentis (Dated), Wesley Fitzgerald (Kissed), Jake (Dated), Connor (Kissed), Riley (One-night stand), Andrew Campbell (Dated), Liam Greene (Dated).

Did Toby get Spencer pregnant?

During a season 6, fans learned that Bellisarios character Spencer took a pregnancy test with her then-boyfriend Toby (played by Keegan Allen). The result of the pregnancy test wasnt revealed until after the shows five-year time jump, leaving viewers wondering if her character had an abortion.

What is the age gap between Ezra and Aria?

Aria was 15 in the Pilot, and Ezra was 22.

What happened to Ezras girlfriend Nicole?

Humanitarian Aid Worker Nicole Johnson is still missing It is revealed that while she was in Colombia for Habitat For Humanity, she was kidnapped or murdered by rebels opposing the current government. Ezra had left South America shortly before then, due to sickness.

Who does Wren end up with?

He later moved to London after leaving Rosewood in Season 4. He is later revealed to be the biological father of Emilys and Alisons twin daughters, Lily and Grace. Ultimately, his girlfriend, Alex Drake, killed him as she wanted to become Spencer and he had tried to stop her.

Does Ezra marry Nicole?

During the time jump, Nicole was in a relationship with Ezra Fitz. One day, while volunteering in South America, Nicole was kidnapped by revolutionaries. She was revealed to be alive 2 years after, shorty after her ex-boyfriend Ezra Fitz got engaged. He later reveals that he is engaged and she congratulates him.

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