Question: Is it time to take a stand for the quiet guy?

Why you should date the quiet guy?

Hes observant. He knows your favorite drink just by going out with you and watching. Hell bring you Diet Coke for no reason or maybe your favorite candy bar. He pays attention to your little quirks. Hes not a mind reader (because no one is), but he is attentive and is more perceptive than he lets on.

How do you get a quiet guys attention?

Smile and hold eye contact from across a room. If you dont know the shy guy youre interested in, start to catch his attention with subtle moves. Try smiling at him during class or over lunch, and make eye contact for 2 or 3 seconds before looking away.

Is a quiet guy attractive?

Quiet guys are attractive, just as outgoing ones are. They each have their own special appeal, and in fact the “strong silent type” is a well-known attractive male archetype. Being calm is certainly attractive, whether quiet or outgoing!

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