Question: What is DECS wife called?

What is the name of DECS wife?

Dec Donnelly married wife Ali Astall in 2015, but who is Ali and how did she meet TV presenter Dec? Heres all you need to know Ali Astall is famously married to television presenter Declan Donnelly, 45, who is one half of popular presenter duo Ant and Dec.

Is DECS wife still his manager?

She is a talent manager who actually worked as Decs manager for over a decade before they got together. The mother-of-one currently works for celebrity agency James Grant Management alongside Ant McPartlins new girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett.

Is DECS wife pregnant?

Declan Donnelly confirms baby news and reveals he and Ali are delighted Declan Donnelly has confirmed that he and wife of three years, Ali Astall, are expecting their first child together.

How old is Ali Astall?

About 43 years (1978) Ali Astall/Age

Does Ant live with his girlfriend?

Ant moved in with his girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett in 2018 and the couple bought a £6 million mansion in Wimbledon, but while the property was undergoing renovations, Ant and Anne-Marie rented another home – complete with six bedrooms, a games room and a bar – which, according to the Daily Star, cost £12,000 a month.

Who is Ant Macfarlanes girlfriend?

ANT McPartlin started dating his personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett after splitting from ex-wife Lisa Armstrong. His divorce was finalised in April 2020 - and he and Corbett wed on August 7 2021.

Why is Christina divorcing ant?

Christina Haack, 38, and Ant Anstead, 42, filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.” The divorce was really difficult for Anstead, who dished to People about their split, saying: “It really hit me hard. “The impact on me, my sleep, my diet, my stress, it showed.

Who was Ant married to?

Lisa Armstrongm. 2006–2018 Ant McPartlin/Spouse

Are Christina and ant divorced?

Ant Anstead is moving on from the past and finding gratitude after divorce. Following his split from HGTV star Christina Haack in September, Anstead revealed that he abruptly left their family home in Newport Beach, Calif. When my divorce went through, I packed up my clothes and moved.

Is Dec happily married?

Declan Donnelly tied the knot with Ali Astall in 2015, and they welcomed their first child together in 2018. He might be happily married now, but the Saturday Night Takeaway presenter has had his fair share of heartache in the past.

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