Question: How do I unsubscribe from singles 50?

5.2 You may terminate your non-fee based membership at any time, for any reason by simply logging off when the link Deactivate profile under Settings is followed on the Singles50 website/in the respective Singles50 App.

How do I cancel my single 50 subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription? You have to do it by sending a fax to +61 280887326.

How do you delete silver singles?

Delete a match on the app:Visit the profile you wish to delete.Tap the 3-dot menu on the profile.Tap Delete match and confirm the deletion.

Can I pause silver singles?

As such, you cannot hide your profile completely but you can prevent yourself from being recommended to other members. You can reactivate matching at any time. Please note: deactivating matching while you still have a Premium Membership will not suspend nor cancel the subscription.

Is silver singles a safe site?

As part of the Spark Networks family, the SilverSingles website has earned a good reputation in the dating industry and has successfully maintained a friendly and safe community for seniors seeking friendship and love.

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