Question: What is the coach athlete relationship?

The coach–athlete relationship refers to all situations in which a coach and athletes feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are inter-related (Jowett and Cockerill, 2003). As dyadic coping includes interactions between two people, it is plausible that this form of coping will be related to relationship quality.

Whats the opposite of a coach?

Opposite of an instructor or trainer in sport. player. pupil. student. novice.

What do you call someone you mentored?

: one who is being mentored : protégé nearly all the mentees opted to remain in the sciences— Sally Rubenstone.

Is it illegal for a coach to date an athlete?

A model policy included in the publication – to be adopted both by the institution and the athletic department it houses – “strictly prohibits” amorous relationships between any coach and athlete.

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