Question: When did the tradition of making Belleek Baskets begin?

Who started Belleek Pottery?

Walter Scott Lenox Production continues to the present day, including traditional 19th-century designs. American, or Lenox, Belleek, a successful imitation that developed its own warm and restrained perfection, was initiated by Walter Scott Lenox in about 1889 at the Ceramic Art Company and has been made by Lenox, Inc., since 1906.

How is Belleek made?

Belleek Parian China (with the exception of basket and flower making) is slip cast. This is a technique where liquid clay body slip is poured into plaster moulds and allowed to form a layer (the cast) on the inside cavity of the mould. The master mould is a transfer reverse of the model.

Is Belleek made in China?

In 1990, George Moore became the new owner of Belleek, and the factory is still in business today making fine china in the Belleek tradition.

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