Question: Whats the name of the Channel 4 dating show?

If you thought Shannon Singhs dumping on Love Island was brutal, wait til you hear about Channel 4s new dating show, The Love Trap. The eight-part series, which is hosted by The Masked Singers Joel Dommett, is set to air later this year and follows, you guessed it, a group of singletons looking for love.

Where can I watch new First Dates?

The new series of First Dates will start on TV on Monday, 6 September on Channel 4. Episodes will air weekly at 10PM. If youre not near a TV, you can watch episodes live as they air via the All4 Channel 4 Live Player. Once episodes air, youll be able to catch up online via the main All4 First Dates Hotel page.

Is there a new first dates?

The new series will start on Monday, September 6 and episodes will air weekly on Channel 4 - however, after the first episode the second episode will be available on All 4 if you just cannot wait a week.

What number series is First Dates?

Channel 4s touching dating programme First Dates is back. The programme, which began in 2013, is now on its 17th series and eccentric French host Fred Sirieix will be back to welcome the dates through his restaurant doors.

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