Question: How do you install an ice maker installation kit?

Does the ice maker arm need to be up or down?

Ice maker control arms should flip up and down easily. If the ice maker control arm, connecting rod, or shut-off arm is broken or not installed properly, ice production may stop, or the ice bin may overflow as the ice maker continues to produce ice after the ice bin is already full.

How high should an ice maker box be installed?

You need to make sure your box is going to be above the molding, if there is going to be any. I usually put the ice maker box about 12 above the floor unless it is a Sub-Zero or GE Monogram in which it is installed in a closet or other room.

Can I mount ice maker box upside down?

Yes, any of the ice maker or specialty boxes can be converted to a Top Mount application by turning the box upside down – in fact, they can be installed at any angle.

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