Question: Why cant I stop thinking about someone?

If you find yourself unable to stop thinking or unable to stop obsessing about someone, that could be the sign that youre developing a fixation on them. Thats not a good thing. If theyve started dating someone else or are thinking about a new person that isnt you, its important to let them be.

How do I stop compulsive thinking about someone?

You can stop obsessing when your relationship ends.Believe that this painful phase wont last forever. Theres comfort in recognizing that although youre suffering now, life wont always be this hard. Turn your focus from the past to the future. Sweep, Sweep, Sweep. Barking Dog. Shake It Off. Paint the Wall.Aug 18, 2010

Why do I think about someone all the time?

Loneliness. Another reason why you keep thinking about people is loneliness. “The person you spent all of your time with is now out of your life, and you cant stop thinking about them,” Dr Hafeez says. “Its better to reconnect with old friends and family than to be thinking about the wrong person,” Dr Hafeez says.

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