Question: Are there any good looking women in Kerala?

Who is the most handsome woman in Kerala?

Kochi Times Most Desirable Women on Television 2019Juhi Rustagi. Claim to fame: Bhagyalakshmi Prabhu. Claim to fame: Mridula Vijai. Claim to fame: Anumol RS. Claim to fame: Latha Sangaraju. Claim to fame. Lakshmi Nakshathra. Claim to fame: Pallavi Gowda. Claim to fame: Pratheeksha Pradeep.More items •26 Jan 2020

Which district of Kerala has beautiful girls?

Malabar girls esp of Kannur, Thalasherry and Calicut regions are considered the most beautiful in Kerala.

Who is the most handsome man in Kerala?

Who is the most handsome man in Kerala 2020?Prithviraj Sukumaran.Tovino Thomas.Dulquer Salmaan.Shane Nigam.Unni Mukundan.Asif Ali.Fahadh Faasil.Nivin Pauly.

Which state is most beautiful girl in India?

Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri girls are considered the most beautiful. They have a fair skin and an almost blemishless complexion, which makes Srinagar as one of the cities with the most beautiful women.

Who is the stylish actor in Kerala?

Dulquer Salmaan. The stylish actor is a heartthrob of many across the globe. With movies such as O Kadhal Kanmani and Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, he has been considered as one of the most desirable actors in India Cinema.

Who has more fans in Kerala?

In a recent TV debate show, the motormouth MLA went on to claim that Vijay enjoys more number of fans in Kerala than Mollywoods reigning stars.

Who is the most handsome man in Kerala 2020?

Kochi Times Most Desirable Men of 2020 Dulquer Salmaan. Dulquer has already scaled heights that many superstars have tried over the years and failed. Prithviraj Sukumaran. Roshan Mathew. Kalidas Jayaram. Tovino Thomas. Nivin Pauly. Sujo Mathew. Fahadh Faasil.More items •3 Jun 2021

Who is most handsome actor in Kerala?

Kochi Times 25 Most Desirable Men of 2018TOVINO THOMAS. In a way, Tovino Thomas was streamlined for success. FAHADH FAASIL.3 DULQUER SALMAAN.PRITHVIRAJ.NIVIN PAULY.SHIYAS KAREEM.SRINISH ARAVIND.UNNI MUKUNDAN.More items •19 Feb 2019

Who is famous actor in Kerala?

The superstar of Malayalam cinema, Mohanlal, is the highest-paid actor of the industry.

Who has largest fan base in Kerala?

Mohanlal 1. Mohanlal. Mohanlal enjoys a huge fan following in Kerala which is a well-known thing to everyone but his reach and fan base increased in other languages such as Tamil and Telugu in recent times after doing films like Janatha Garage and Kaappaan.

Is Delhi safe for girls?

It found that 72% of female students in Delhi avoid going to an unsafe area. The study also found that the Delhi Metro was considered to be the safest travel mode by female students in Delhi. 86% of female students prefer to travel in the womens compartment of Delhi metro.

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