Question: Where are DPD based?

The company is based in France and operates mainly in the express road-based market. DPDgroup services are available in Europe, Asia, South Africa, India, Brazil and several other countries in the world, either directly or through partnerships.

Where is DPD based UK?

In 2008, Parceline became known as DPD. La Poste has invested substantially in DPDs infrastructure. DPDs additional new £100m Superhub in Hinckley is operational, and the 33-acre site, which is the largest of its kind in Europe, can sort up to 72,000 parcels per hour.

Is DPD UK real?

DPD UK is a leading standard and courier express service in UK for both domestic and international packages.

Is DPD part of UK mail?

DPD has forged a partnership with The Post Office which sees it oust the Royal Mail Group as the only carrier used by the retailer. The deal is part of a wider plan by The Post Office to open up its network of 11,500 branches to external carriers for the first time in its 360 year history.

Is DPD or Royal Mail faster?

DPD vs Royal Mail: National UK ShipmentsRoyal MailDPDServiceDelivery TimeServiceSame Day DeliveryBy end of same business dayDPD 10:30Royal Mail Special Delivery GuaranteedGuaranteed next business day by 9:00 amDPD 12:00Royal Mail Signed for 1st ClassAim to deliver by end of next business dayDPD Next Day3 more rows•Jun 11, 2017

Is DPD faster than Royal Mail?

DPD has been voted the best parcel delivery service in the UK. Previous poll winner DPD dropped to second place. In third place came Amazon Logistics followed by Royal Mail in fourth.

Should I use Royal Mail or DPD?

Unlike both Royal Mail and Hermes, DPD is often a better fit for businesses shipping higher value and/or larger parcels/consignments. DPD pride themselves on their time-critical service, so it may be an ideal option if you are offering your customers a range of delivery options and specific time slots.

Where can I find my DPD parcel number?

Log in to your DPD Local account (or register if you havent already) Go to the My Orders tab. Find your DPD reference number displayed next to the order in question, e.g. DPD12345678.

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