Question: Is Bunbury a safe place to live?

Is Bunbury WA a good place to live?

Bunbury offers a high quality lifestyle in a stunning natural landscape. Bunbury is the economic hub of the South West region and is located 180km south of Perth, Western Australia. Bunbury is a beautiful place to live, work and visit and has something for everyone.

What is the best suburb in Bunbury?

2 Answers. Eaton and australind are good areas, both areas have their own shopping centers, you can park easily with no need to get parking tickets like you need to in bunbury itself. If you do need to go into bunbury from eaton and Clifton park it is under 10 mins.

What is Bunbury known for?

Situated on a peninsula, Bunbury is known as the City of Three Waters, making it an aquatic playground. Theres rumbling surf of the Indian Ocean to the west, the calm waters of Koombana Bay and the tranquil Leschenault Inlet. Surfing, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing and boating are all very popular.

Is Bunbury a suburb?

The Greater Bunbury sub-region includes the local government areas of City of Bunbury, Shire of Harvey, Shire of Dardanup and Shire of Capel, and comprises the following localities (suburbs): Australind. Beela. Bunbury.

Where should I live in Western Australia?

Where to live in Western AustraliaDawesville. 5/5. Ranked 1st best suburb in Western Australia. Pemberton. 4.5/5. Ranked 2nd best suburb in Western Australia. Gelorup. 4.5/5. Ranked 3rd best suburb in Western Australia. Willagee. 4.5/5. South Yunderup. 4.5/5. Dalkeith. 4.5/5. Parkerville. 4.5/5. Halls Head. 4.5/5.More items

What is australind?

Australind is an aquatic paradise - a place virtually surrounded by water with the Brunswick and Collie Rivers to the east and south and the Leschenault Estuary to the west.

What is the best suburb in Mandurah?

DAWESVILLE took out the top spot as number one best suburb in the South West with a score of 9.2 out of 10 on a new property website.

Is Carey Park a good suburb?

A good suburb I grew up in carey park and then moved around bunbury and surrounds for a few years. ended up back here and despite what alot of people say, its a good suburb. Yes there are bad streets just like in any area. you have the local iga thats open till late, newsagents, and park centre is close by.

Is Bunbury worth visiting?

Bunbury is an ideal base to explore the regions natural beauty. Its best to stop by the visitor centre to find a trail right for your level of fitness, but the Marlston Hill walk to Bunburys checkered lighthouse and the lookout is well worth the climb, providing superb views of the city and bay.

What is there to do in Bunbury at night?

Lighthouse. Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. Timber Jetty. Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre (Paisley Centre) For the calmer and more tranquil side of Bunbury:Mangrove Cove boardwalk.Big Swamp walk and bird lookouts.Maidens Tuart Forest.Centenary Gardens.Wineries and breweries e.g. Mash Brewery.Shipwreck Cove.

Whats the population of Kalgoorlie?

30,059 people In the 2016 Census, there were 30,059 people in Kalgoorlie/Boulder (C) (Local Government Areas). Of these 52.1% were male and 47.9% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 7.3% of the population.

What is the population of Esperance?

14,263 Covering over 42,000 square kilometres, the Shire of Esperance extends from Munglinup to Israelite Bay and north to the Daniell rail siding. With a population of 14,263 (2016), the Shire has one of the lowest population densities to be found anywhere.

Does the Australind train have toilets?

A key part of the McGowan Governments $1.25 billion railcar program, the two new Australind trains, each consisting of a three-car set, will have a modernised interior, with USB connection points, Wi-Fi, an improved kiosk, upright storage for 16 bicycles, and three toilets.

Is the Australind train running 2021?

The train is expected to be back in service in early 2021. A range of initiatives will be offered to passengers to compensate for the inconvenience: frequent passengers who have travelled on the Australind three or more times between July and November 2020 will receive 10 free trips.

What is Mandurah like to live in?

Mandurah is a pretty town with the foreshore being home to pelicans, shags, dolphins and other marine life. One of the main industries in the area is construction and many of the workers are trades people. Tourism is also big here and the hospitality industry employs many people.

Is Mandurah dodgy?

Central Mandurah is also topping the list for the highest number of burglaries, with 128 break-ins reported to police between January and June. During the same period of time, people reported 67 burglaries in Greenfields, 42 in Dudley Park and 35 in Coodanup.

What is there to do in Bunbury in the winter?

Top Attractions in BunburyBunbury Farmers Market. 663. Farmers Markets. Koombana Bay. 272. Bodies of Water. Bunbury Wildlife Park. 299. Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. 219. Back Beach. 165. Bunbury Visitor Centre. 111. Leschenault Inlet. Bodies of Water • Nature & Wildlife Areas.Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. Art Galleries.More items

What can you do in Bunbury for free?

Bunbury Farmers Market. 664. Farmers Markets. Koombana Bay. 272. Bodies of Water. Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. 219. Back Beach. 165. Bunbury Visitor Centre. 112. Leschenault Inlet. Bodies of Water • Nature & Wildlife Areas.Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. Art Galleries. Big Swamp Walk. Jogging Paths & Tracks.More items

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