Question: What are songs about being in love with your best friend?

Is it healthy to be in love with your best friend?

Its okay to have feelings of love because of the trust you share with your best friend, but that doesnt necessarily mean you are in love. The longer youre friends, the more stable your relationship is going to be. A lot of good friends can do things that romantic partners cannot.

How do you tell your BFF you like her?

Be honest.Tell her that, lately, youve been thinking of her as more than a friend and that you wanted to know how she felt. Tell her that youve been struggling your feelings for some time and that youre just relieved to finally open up about it.More items

How do you make someone miss you alot?

How To Make Someone Miss You PsychologyStop texting him.The waiting game.Always be the first one to hang up.Have a signature.Dont give away everything.Leave things “accidentally“Use social media as your weapon.Be busy when he asks you out.More items •Aug 12, 2021

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