Question: Why is modern warfare not finding any matches?

Restart the game or console If the game is still keeping you stuck on that screen, then you should try shutting it off, and then restarting it. if youre a console player then the problem could be a missing update that you cant see, so try restarting your console if the problem persists.

Why is my warzone not finding a match?

Call of Duty: Warzone matchmaking attempts to put you in matches with other nearby players to help offset the effects of ping. So if your ISPs ping rate is too high, you might experience the issue of Warzone not finding matches.

How do I get Shadowbanned on Warzone?

Shadow bans are given to Warzone players who have been hacking or cheating. Their main purpose is to group all of the punished players in the one lobby so that theyre forced to play together instead of against unsuspecting others.

Why does cod take so long to load?

A slow or unstable connection can be caused by your outdated or corrupt network adapter driver. And that may also be the reason why it takes forever to load into the main screen. To solve the problem, you should update your network adapter driver.

How do you know if youre shadowbanned warzone?

The first way to tell if youve been Shadow Banned is to check your ping while in a game. If you have a ping drastically higher than 100ms, you either have an awful home internet connection, or you have potentially been Shadow Banned.

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