Question: Does everyone get waitlisted for Raya?

Heres how to get off Rayas waitlist. Raya has about 100,000 people on its waitlist. According to Elite Dating Managers, men may be more likely to be accepted than women. Some people can spend weeks or months on the waitlist, so dont worry.

How hard is it to get accepted to Raya?

Wondering how to get on Raya? Its not as simple as it sounds. Only about eight percent of applications are accepted, meaning Raya has a higher rejection rate than the illustrious Harvard Business School, reports The New York Times.

How many referrals do you need for Raya?

Bare minimum is 5,000 followers, ideally youll have 250,000+. Part of the sign-up process is granting access to your IG so the committee can check it out, and the apps acceptance algorithm will determine your overall IG influence and how many other Raya members follow you.

What happens when you screenshot on Raya?

Inside the world of Raya Privacy is key to the success of the app, and so if any users ever try to screenshot a match, theyll be instantly threatened with the “suspension and/or removal of your membership”.

What does it mean to be on Raya waitlist?

What is Raya and how can I get off the waitlist? Raya is where members of the upper crust go to meet each other — in case youre wondering why youve never run into Demi Lovato or Channing Tatum on Tinder.

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