Question: Who is a Leos soulmate?

Gemini is an air sign, and the energy compliments and bolsters Leos fire. They are also a compatible zodiac match because Geminis are notorious for getting bored easily, while creative Leos love challenging themselves to try new things. Leos will keep things interesting for Gemini long-term.

What sign is a Leos soulmate?

Leo is typically most compatible with other fire signs, but an earth, water or air sign can also be a great match for a Leo. And of course, its important to remember that your Sun sign is only one placement on your natal chart.

Who is a Leos toxic match?

Leos Most Toxic Match: Scorpio.

What kind of boyfriend is a Leo?

Leo boyfriends are passionate, warm-hearted, humorous and creative. But he expects a lot of attention from you. He is highly protective which sometimes makes him possessive about you. You will be surprised to know that your Leo boyfriend can even be very argumentative.

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