Question: Why high expectations are bad?

Having high expectations can, at times, cause emotional distress such as anxiety and depression. The findings of a study showed that a group of law students who were expected to do well by their parents experienced severe levels of depressive, anxiety or stress symptoms.

Why you shouldnt have high expectations?

Its time to do away with expectations. This will allow us to experience less anxiety, less stress, frustration, anger, depression, and other negative emotions. We can expect things like respect from others, but if we base how we feel on whether we get what we expect, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

Why high expectations are bad for students?

At some point, high expectations become an anchor, not an engine. They drag the student down, placing so much weight on them that, if not encouraged, they might give up completely. High expectations can very easily turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy for a student.

Why is having high expectations good?

Having a healthy balance between low and high expectations will make a big difference to your life. Setting high expectations is a powerful way to bring the best out of yourself. When you have high expectations for yourself, what others expect of you will not have as much importance as what you expect of yourself.

What to do when you have high expectations?

How to Defeat ExpectationsPut your oxygen mask first: The first step to getting rid of expectations is to treat yourself kindly. Adjust the Way You Think. You cannot control what others think about you, but you can choose how you talk to yourself. Speak Up. Free Yourself and Free Others. Stop Judging, Stop Expecting.24 Oct 2018

How do you deal with high expectations?

How to Manage Expectations in LifeGive Yourself Time. We want stuff when we want it—but that can make us hard on ourselves in terms of personal expectations. Adapt to Changing Expectations. Dont Judge Yourself Harshly. Communicate About Everything. Prepare for Problems. Predict Others Expectations.1 Nov 2018

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