Question: Will keep it on the down low?

keep (something) on the down low To keep something in a state of secrecy or minimal public knowledge; to not share something with anyone else. Keep this on the down-low, but Janet is planning to break up with Kevin next week.

What does keeping it on the down low mean?

One can use down-low in general contexts for information thats kept secret, discreet, or private (e.g., Keep this on the down-low, but I lost my job). If a person is on the down-low, that means they are keeping a low profile and staying out of the public eye.

What does it mean keep it down?

—used to ask someone to be quiet Please keep it down in there. Im trying to study.

Is it the low down or the down low?

We typically hyphenate compound words used as adjectives, so thats how wed use “low-down.” As an adjective, “low-down” is usually used metaphorically to refer to the nasty or base nature of something — like a low-down, dirty cheat.

What is meaning of keep it on?

1 informal : to continue happening, doing something, working, etc.

What does keep a low profile mean?

Stay out of public notice, avoid attracting attention to oneself. For example, Until his appointment becomes official, Ted is keeping a low profile. This expression alludes to profile in the sense of “a visible contour,” a usage dating from the 1600s. [

What does it mean to shut out someone?

phrasal verb. If you shut something or someone out, you prevent them from getting into a place, for example, by closing the doors.

Is keep on correct?

In many circumstances keep and keep on can be used interchangeably, however, there is a difference that dictates whether or not to use keep on or simply keep. Keep is a very common word in the English language. Most commonly used a verb, it can be transitive or intransitive.

What does it mean to be on a low-key?

What else does low-key mean? Low-key can variously mean “quiet,” “restrained,” “moderate,” or “easygoing.” It can also behave as an adverb meaning “of low or moderate intensity.” Like doing something, but in a “chill” way.

How do u shut someone up?

Interrupt them as soon as you can.Signal that you would like to speak by holding up your hands, opening your mouth, or clapping. If they ask to finish their thought, dont let them continue to steamroll the conversation; interrupt them once they finish their sentence.

What is another word for shutting someone out?

What is another word for shut out?excludebarbandebarexcepteliminateostraciseUKostracizeUSrefuseevict135 more rows

Who keeps or keep?

Keeps is used for present tense third person singular eg he/she/it keeps. Keep is used for every thing else, you keep, I keep, we keep, they keep.

What is the difference between keep on doing and keep doing?

Both mean continue + gerund. The difference is that keep on is a phrasal verb, while just keep is not.. Thank you very much!

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