Question: What is a good Wn8?

What is average WN8 in WOT?

your WN8 is average, and the average winrate is around 49%. KV-2 has average WR of 50.72 and 1127 WN8. you are 4 wins away from average winrate.

What does WN8 mean in WOTB?

(1+2) means your are keeping your gun into play longer giving you more chances to win without necessarily being outstanding. But this is a team game, then this is good.

Who has the highest WN8 in WOT?

Active PlayersPositionClanWN8#1HACKD3066#2ASTER2974#3CRAKD2903#4-G-27636 more rows

How can I increase my WN8?

How to increase WN8First of all the main answer is LEARN TO PLAY BETTER .. Expected values for each of the WN8 ingredients for each tank are now calculated every day by XVM team. Damage always matter. Second ingredient that always impact WN8 is your Win Ration.More items •10 Jun 2019

How do you work out an average?

Average This is the arithmetic mean, and is calculated by adding a group of numbers and then dividing by the count of those numbers. For example, the average of 2, 3, 3, 5, 7, and 10 is 30 divided by 6, which is 5.

What is WN8 World of Tanks?

WN8 is the latest iteration of the WN8* (WNx) project lead by Praetor77. WN8 seeks to measure the observable contribution to matches, across an account, and hopefully infers some information about the latent variable skill.

What tier is WN8 in?

WN8 is a postcode district, also known as an outcode or outbound code. WN8 and coronavirus (COVID-19): Public Health England report confirmed coronavirus cases by Upper Tier Local Authority, based on the postcode of the patient. All WN8 postcodes are in the Lancashire Upper Tier Local Authority.

What is WN8 and WN7?

TL;DR: WN7 is a per tier rating, WN8 is a per tank rating. WN7 is an absolute metric, it directly translates damage done into rating, only adjusted by average tier.

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