Question: When I Got the Hook Up 2 come out?

EXCLUSIVE: Urban Movie Channel and its RLJ Entertainment corporate sibling RLJE Films are teaming for the release of I Got the Hook-Up 2, the sequel to the 1998 crime comedy that will return star Master P. UMC has set a July 12, 2019 theatrical release date for the pic, followed by an October streaming premiere on UMC.

Is I Got the Hook-Up 2 out yet?

July 12, 2019 I Got the Hook-Up 2 was released on streaming services and in very limited theatrical release on July 12, 2019.

How Much I Got the Hook-Up 2 Make?

Bob Johnsons Urban Movie Channel in partnership with RLJE Films released I Got The Hook-Up 2 in theaters and VOD on July 12. The sequel, directed by Corey Grant, grossed $149,036 from 37 theaters its opening weekend, a per-screen average of $4,028.

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