Question: How many matches have there been on Tinder?

Tinder claims to have made 30 billion matches to date, but many of those connections did not go beyond the digital world. A new analysis found that many users do not meet their potential mate in-person and the chances of finding someone interested in a long-term relationship are very slim.

How common are matches on Tinder?

Matches. I received a total of 290 matches — an average of 2.5 matches per day. This means that approximately 1.75% of my swipes will result in matches, and approximately 3.7% of my likes. On any given day, I received between 0 and 10 matches.

What is the record for most Tinder matches?

Model Jazz Egger claims to have had the most Tinder matches ever with 5,400.

What guys get the most matches on Tinder?

Male model and trained pilot Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 29, earned the title “Mr. Tinder” in 2017 after the app announced hed gotten a record-breaking 14,600 matches in two years.

What is the average match rate for guys on tinder?

It showed men swipe right far more often than heterosexual women do, leaving them with a low success rate: about 0.6%. Meanwhile, women are more selective about who they swipe right on, getting a match rate of 10%. Created with sketchtool. Created with sketchtool.

Who is the most swiped right man on tinder?

James Langton James Langton, one of Tinders most right swiped guys, has revealed the secret to getting more matches | PerthNow.

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