Question: How do I install an ice maker in my refrigerator?

Can I add an ice maker to my fridge?

Is it easy to add an ice maker to my refrigerator/freezer? Yes, if your freezer has the necessary internal wiring (most do), this is a do-it-yourself project. Enter your refrigerators model number to find an icemaker kit for your model.

What do you need to install an ice maker?

Table of ContentsStep 1: Run the Water Line.Step 2: Drain the Water Line.Step 3: Install the Valve.Step 4: Mount the Solenoid Valve.Step 5: Attach the Water Supply Line.Step 6: Install the Factory Fill Tube.Step 7: Install the Icemaker.Step 8: Mount the Unit to the Freezer Wall.

Is it hard to install an ice maker?

Provided the refrigerator is configured to accept an ice maker, installing it yourself is a fairly easy process, All that required is for you to mount the accessory in the freezer compartment, then plug in the water and electrical connections.

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