Question: What happened to myYearbook?

So starting in July, the myYearbook website, smartphone apps, tablet apps, and mobile website will all be rebranded as MeetMe. Then in September, the company plans to finish internationalizing myYearbook/MeetMe into Spanish and Portuguese, and that site will be replace the existing Quepasa product.

When did myYearbook become MeetMe?

June 2012 In December 2011, myYearbook launched an iPad app in an attempt to reach the tablet market. In June 2012, the company formed from the combination of myYearbook and Quepasa was renamed MeetMe.

What is M myYearbook com?

Today, MeetMe is the leading social network for meeting new people in the US and the public market leader for social discovery. MeetMe makes meeting new people fun through social games and apps, monetized by both advertising and virtual currency.

How do I turn off stealth mode?

Turning stealth mode on/offPress the Fn+F7 key combination (Fn key not needed if Fn lock is enabled) to turn on stealth mode. NOTE: Stealth mode is a secondary function of the F7 key. All the lights and sounds are turned off.Press the Fn+F7 key combination again to turn off the stealth mode.

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