Question: Is Enchanted by Taylor Swift about Owl City?

Who is Enchanted about by Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift Enchanted/Composers

When did Owl City cover Enchanted?

After releasing his megasmash Fireflies in 2009, Owl Citys Adam Young attracted a lot of attention. And then Taylor Swift got wind of him and you know how that went. Well, she wrote a song about him – Enchanted on her 2010 disc, Speak Now – and he responded with his own cover of it on Valentines Day.

Who wrote Enchanted to meet you?

Taylor Swift Enchanted/Lyricists

Who did Taylor write Enchanted for?

Adam Young -- Its been no secret that each song Taylor Swift writes is inspired by a relationship shes experienced, both good and bad. One such song, Enchanted, from her current album, Speak Now, was penned by the 21-year-old superstar about Adam Young -- the electro-pop singer who records under the name Owl City.

Who is the song Last Kiss by Taylor Swift about?

Taylor Swift Last Kiss/Artists

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