Question: Who was the first person I met on friends first?

Who was casted first for friends?

David Schwimmer David Schwimmer was first to be cast. He was in Chicago doing a stage adaptation of The Master and Margarita when his agent offered him the audition.

Who did Phoebe meet first?

Frank Buffay Jr was first introduced in The One With The Bullies when Phoebe went to her biological fathers house hoping to meet him, but chickened out and accidentally ran over a Jack Russell, then had to go into the house, where she met her brother, Frank. That was Season 1, episode 21.

How did they meet Joey and Phoebe?

Its explained in The One With the Flashback that Joey met Chandler through a roommate ad, and somehow they did not have a horribly miserable experience and became BFF. A deep, detailed read of Phoebe Buffays Wikipedia page says that Phoebe met Monica through a roommate wanted ad, but that just isnt enough for me.

What is the first episode of Friends about?

The One Where It All Began Friends/First episode

What is the first word said in Friends?

So Hey!

Who did Janice marry on friends?

Sid Goralnik In the Season 7 finale (The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Parts 1 and 2), we found out that Janice had remarried and was pregnant when she was brought into the same hospital room Ross and Rachel were in. Now hitched to Sid Goralnik (Maurice Godin), Janice gave birth to her first son, Aaron Goralnik.

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