Question: Who owns Fender now?

Is Fender still owned by CBS?

CBS owned Fender for a total of 19 years, leading to the unofficial designation of Fender guitars built during that time as “CBS-era” instruments. In January 1985, Fender was purchased by an investor group led by William Schultz, president of Fender Musical Instruments.

Who bought Fender?

Columbia Broadcasting Systems Fender was eventually sold to a subsidiary of Columbia Broadcasting Systems (CBS) called Columbia Records Distribution Corp for $13 million on 5 January 1965. And so began the infamous CBS era of the brand.

Who is the owner of Fender guitar?

Leo Fender founded the company in Fullerton, California in 1946. Andy Mooney has been the chief executive officer (CEO) of Fender since 2015. Mooney was the former chair of Disney Consumer Products.

Are Schecter Guitars good quality?

Although the company is better known for its electric guitars, Schecter makes some solid-quality acoustics. However, these might get a bit expensive for average acoustic guitars, although the price is most certainly justified with the design, build quality, playability, and outstanding tone.

Are all Schecter Guitars made in USA?

Most ranges of Schecter Guitars are made in South Korea. Schecter uses several factories around the world. The Custom Shop range are made in the USA and command a price premium. The lower price point instruments are made in China, Indonesia or Vietnam deepening on model/series.

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