Question: Who is Narutos real brother?

Is Itachi Narutos brother?

Itachi is narutos brother!!! Fandom. Itachi is narutos brother!!! It sounds crazy but if you see the blood relation of naruto he called sasuke his brother so itachi will become his brother too!!

Is Boruto Narutos brother?

Naruto takes the teenager under his wing, seeking to protect him from enemies, and he bonds with the family as time passes, beginning to view Naruto as a father-figure and Boruto as a foster brother.

Why did Itachi smile at Naruto?

In this scene, Itachi confronts Naruto (or possibly a Naruto clone) in the forest in order to talk to him. Itachi might also be smiling because he thinks Naruto is a fool for believing that he can possibly exert more influence on Sasuke than Itachi can.

Who is Boruto wife?

Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha (Japanese: うちは サラダ, Hepburn: Uchiha Sarada) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto .Sarada UchihaFirst appearanceNaruto chapter 700 (2014) Boruto episode 1: Boruto Uzumaki!Created byMasashi Kishimoto7 more rows

Who is Luffys best friend?

Zoro is perceived as the vice captain of the Straw Hats. He is arguably Luffys most loyal crewmate. He has displayed the most respect and dedication to Luffy by following his orders, proclaiming promises, and being the most vocal about Luffy achieving his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

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