Question: Does snap have a dating app?

The Snapchat connection If your child has Snapchat, its easy for them to get the dating app Hoop - because it piggybacks on Snapchat the same way Tinder does with Facebook. Heres how it works: Users create an account with photos, a chosen age and a bit of bio info. That allows them to swipe through profiles.

Are Tinder and Snapchat combined?

With this integration, Tinder users with the Snapchat app will be able to link the two accounts so that people can send the stickers through Tinders in-app chat function. Tinder matches will not be able to access each others Snapchat handles—only the Bitmoji.

Is there a secret Snapchat app?

Snapchat is currently testing a brand new version of the app called Snapchat Alpha. The code is already inside the official Snapchat app, but youll need to do some neat phone tricks to get to it. Snapchat Alpha exists for two main reasons.

Can you secretly save Snapchats?

To take a screenshot without notifying anyone, do this: Open Snapchat and head to the snap, but dont open it up just yet. Let Snapchat run in the background while you head over to settings and enter Airplane Mode. Go to the Snap youd like to capture and take your screenshot.

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