Question: Who did Cassper Nyovest date?

Personal life. In July 2015, after months of denying any romantic involvement with each other, Nyovest and actress Boitumelo Thulo finally confirmed in a July issue of DRUM that they were dating.

Who did Cassper Nyovest make pregnant?

Thobeka Majozi He told fans and followers his girlfriend Thobeka Majozi was pregnant and they were going to have a baby Any Minute Now in June when the rapper released the cover of his latest album with a 3D scan of baby Simba on it. Read more| Cassper Nyovest announces hes going to be a first-time dad!

Is Cassper dating thobeka?

For years, fans have been certain that rapper Cassper Nyovest has been romancing Durban influencer Thobeka Majozi based solely on comments he used to leave on her old social media posts. Cassper is believed to have started dating Majozi in 2017 shortly after his second stint with fellow rapper Boity did not go so well.

How did Cassper Nyovest get rich?

Refiloe Cassper Nyovest Phoolo transcended to stardom in 2014 after he released his debut album Tsholofelo. The concert was so successful, that Cassper turned it into an annual concert. Not only were his concerts successful, but Cassper has also enjoyed receiving big cheques from major brands!

Who is Caspers baby mama?

Thobeka Majozi Even though new dad Cassper Nyovest has told Mzansi he and baby mama Thobeka Majozi dont plan on sharing baby Khotso with the world yet, that didnt stop people from creating fake social media accounts for Simba.

Who is richer between Cassper Nyovest and Nasty C?

Top 10 richest rappers in South Africa In 2021.Top 10 richest rappers in South Africa. Top 10 Richest Rappers In South Africa. Top 10 richest rappers in South Africa.AKA Net Worth $12 million dollar. Die Antwoord Net Worth $10 million. Cassper Nyovest net worth $3 to 8 million. Nasty C net worth $2 million to $7 million.More items •5 Aug 2021

Does nasty C have a child?

Nasty C is an award-winning musician who has dedicated his youth and early adulthood to the progression of his career. The 23-year-old rapper does not have a child, but often refers to his musical projects as his children because of the time, effort and love he has for them.

Who is the richest DJ in South Africa 2021?

Top 10 Richest DJs in South AfricaDJ SBU. Net Worth: $2.6 million. DJ Oskido. Net Worth: $2.5 million. DJ Tira. Net Worth: $2.2 million. Culoe De Song. Net Worth: $2.2 Million. DJ Shimza. Net Worth: $2 Million. DJ Fresh. Net Worth: $2 million. Protoculture. Net Worth: $1.5 Million. DJ Tbo Touch. Net Worth: $700, 000.More items •25 Feb 2021

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